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  1. Pure Green Coffee Plus

    Pure Green Coffee Plus

    Green Coffee Extract has risen to popularity due in part to the endorsement of Multiple TV Expert authorities. Pure Green Coffee Plus contains chlorogenic acid, which slows absorption of fat from food intake and also activates metabolism of extra fat. One study of Green Coffee Extract in overweight adults saw them lose 10% of their body weight in just 12 weeks, without changing their diet! Find out why 1000s of people are turning to Pure Green Coffee Plus. Many who have taken it report a difference in their weight and their waistline within as little as two to four weeks. Learn More
  2. Universal R25 Recumbent Bike

    Universal R25 Recumbent Bike

    A smooth and quiet ride, with 8 resistance levels. Technology Boasting a computer-controlled, eddy current resistance system and a durable belt drive motor, the R25 runs smoothly and quietly, with eight resistance levels to keep you on your toes. The battery-powered bike also supports several different workout programs, so you can customize your workout and keep things fresh. Performance & Quality The informative LCD console, you can easily monitor your workout progress, with readouts for time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level, course profile. A high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel keeps workouts smooth and quiet. Comfort & Usability Includes a grip heart rate monitor; an extra-wide, extra-padded seat that adjusts to accommodate riders of all body sizes and types; integrated leveling feet for better stability Learn More
  3. Bodymax Double Handle Medicine Ball - 3kg

    Bodymax Double Handle Medicine Ball - 3kg

    Strong and durable rubberised plastic construction for grip Large weight badge for quick identification of different weights High quality medicine ball Double handled design allows for a myriad of different exercises Thick ergonomic handles reduce strain on hands Learn More
  4. Bodymax Double Handle Medicine Ball - 8kg

    Bodymax Double Handle Medicine Ball - 8kg

    Loved by boxers, mixed martial artists, football players, sprinters and other serious athletes, medicine balls have rightly earned their place as one of the best forms of exercise equipment around. A staple in gyms and fitness studios around the globe, their benefit to total body conditioning, cardio health and weight loss, should not be underestimated. Used simply as a weight training tool, these balls can be used to strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals! Used in Crossfit and Circuits, they challenge cardio endurance and muscle stamina. Medicine balls are also an important part of rehabilitation exercises and can be used to gently stretch muscles and improve flexibility. This superb 8 kg, round, double-handled grip medicine ball from fitness giants Bodymax, has been specially designed to be used just like a conventional medicine ball. The thick ergonomic handles reduce stress and strain on the hands, while also allowing for a wide variety of exercises. This stunning medicine ball is a must-have addition to any home gym or fitness studio. With over 30-years experience in the world of gym equipment Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this exceptional product for an amazing price. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned athlete; medicine balls are an integral piece of equipment for anyone serious about improving their over-all fitness levels. Perfect for high-rep workouts, combat sport training and building explosive speed, this range of medicine balls is perfect for anyone wanting to diversify the challenges in their fitness regime. Learn More
  5. Push-Up Pump

    Push-Up Pump

    Firm, Strengthen, Tone Provides the same incredible body sculpting benefit as a gym full of machines in your house Puts you into the perfect position to engage muscles simultaneously for total body workout Supports body weight while adding resistance to allow hard-to-do pushups and advanced pumps 3 different hand positions vary your workout- Upper grip, inside grip, and outer grip Learn More
  6. Core Smart Fitness Equipment

    Core Smart Fitness Equipment

    Provides total body muscle toning and cardio in one compact System Allows you to target a variety of muscle groups, including your upper, middle and lower ABS and obliques, thighs, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps Learn More
  7. Weight Set with Dumbbells, 105-Pound

    Weight Set with Dumbbells, 105-Pound

    Simple yet comprehensive 105-pound set of weight training gear Set includes two 20-pound weights, four ten-pound weights, four five-pound weights, six locking spring clips, and two dumbbell bars Also includes one 55” heavy-duty, four-pound straight bar with textured, nonslip grips and patented design Learn More
  8. Elastic Band Tension Resistance Band

    Elastic Band Tension Resistance Band

    100% natural latex Perfect for crossfit, yoga & fitness classes Textured surface for professional gym use Perfect for stretching and flexibility Easily maintainable Learn More
  9. Shaker Cup

    Shaker Cup

    Staying prepared is simple with SmartShake, a smart new take on the original shaker cup; Its three compartments conveniently stores supplements The patented Snap-On strainer will easily mix powdered drinks without clumps or lumps BPA-free plastic is safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer 20 oz. capacity to the rim of the cup, measurements up to 12 oz. Learn More


    Increases Endurance Reduces Soreness Promotes Muscle Growth Prevents Muscle Breakdown Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 39 total

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